Song of the Day “One Day” Morgan Page

I found this song by chance and fell instantly in love with it. The main reason is that the lead singer of my favorite band, Uh Huh Her, is the singer, but the other reason is that it is a hauntingly beautiful electronic song. I had this on repeat for many weeks. I hope you enjoy today’s song being a little more relaxed and mellow, but it still deserves to be turned up.

“One Day”


You’re covered in dust,
the rest of your life said
you wanna let go
but you cant even manage,
Hush, appreciate time
you’re locked to the ground but you’re scared
you like to run
certainty follows
Uh uh uh

In a daze in the pouring rain i’ll wait,
one day you come and shake me
i can appreciate the ?(ride) that you gave me. (repeat x 2)

Uh uh uh

where do you draw the line,
today i can let go ,
i keep my head up
i just keep on hanging on
one day is not so much
next day you fall in love
my hands are tied you just keep on hanging on

Uh uh uh