I am a graduate of Architecture school, but finding that my interests cover a much broader base that I was prepared to settle into. I love food, music, movies, architecture, art, and much more…

This blog will cover a wide range of topics that are dear to me…

Music is the first and probably the most covered topic. I have always been a huge fan of music. For as long as I can remember, I have been much more productive and less bored if I have good music to accompany the task. I am always trying to find new music and have a really broad range that I listen to. I have a lot of bands I really love and follow, but currently my favorite bands are Uh Huh Her , Ludo, The Kooks, and 30 Seconds to Mars.

Architecture is my true passion. I suffered through all those years of architorture school for a reason, I truly love buildings and the spaces they create. I love art and architecture history as well as some of the new innovations. I will post here about the cool new sites I find, or the big changes in sustainable building, or maybe just a cool building I find, or maybe just a new architecture book I think is cool.

I will also talk about food, movies, and television to some extent. All of these things mean a great deal to me. I love food. I love to try new foods and experience my favorite dished over and over again. Good food is a really important part of my live and I am dedicated to enjoying it as much as I possibly can. Movies and TV on the other hand, I just really enjoy. I like to escape my reality once in a while and experience a different reality. That being said I absolutely abhor reality TV shows. I am a huge fan of Chuck, Glee, and Grey’s Anatomy. I am also a huge whedonite and love almost everything that Joss Whedon creates, you have been warned.

So I hope you enjoy the content here as much as I enjoy sharing it. Please comment often so I can know what is working and what needs to be further refined.

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