Playing the Player by Amy Andrews – Review

reviewPlaying the Player


After a long history with crappy guys, high school teacher Em Newman is going man-vegan. Four months of revirginization has opened her eyes to her doormat imitation but, baby’s got spine now, and some smooth-talking—even if he is sinfully hot—rugby player, won’t be adding her as a notch anytime soon.

Lincoln Quinn loves rugby, women, and poker. And he likes to win at all three. When his team mates bet him he can’t break through Em’s resolve, he’s more than up for the challenge. But this lady has a shoebox of stipulations before she’ll even go on a date with him, much less use that mouth for kissing instead of giving orders.

Something’s gotta give but this time Em’s not settling. And Linc’s questioning everything he ever knew about matters of the heart.


My Thoughts

So I was not really a fan of Lincoln in the first 2 books. He was kind of a major jerk and player, but when he finally met his match he showed what a gentleman and all around good guy he could be. She makes him work for a date with her and you can see past his playboy exterior to the man he really is. Let’s just say that while my mind is not 100% changed I am a fan of Linc’s now.

Em is a very smart rational woman who doesn’t take any of Lincoln’s normal crap. There was a moment that could have been a huge misunderstanding and an end to them but she was so calm and rational and actually thought about it before going off the handle and fighting with him. He may have deserved it but he deserved her more.

These two had some outstanding chemistry from the start. Once they finally gave in it was off the charts. I cannot wait to see who the next Sidney Smoke player to fall is. HIghly recommend this book for anyone with a love for science, sport and smarts.

My Favorite Quote




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About the Author

Amy is a multi award-winning, USA Today best-selling Aussie author who has written over sixty contemporary romances in both the traditional and digital markets. She’s sold over two million books and been translated into thirteen different languages including manga. Her sizzling books feature lots of sex and kissing. She likes to make her readers tingle, laugh and sigh and please don’t mess with the HEA!

At sixteen she met a guy she knew she was going to marry and she did. They’re still living out their HEA and have two new adult children who are spreading their wings and flying the coop. She loves good books, frequent travel and great booze although she’ll take mediocre booze if there’s nothing else.

Amy spent six years on the national executive of Romance Writers of Australia including a two year term as president and after many years of unofficial mentoring of emerging writers, now runs her own manuscript assessment business, Word Witchery, which specialises in romantic fiction. With unique insight into what makes a story that sells, Amy aims to help every manuscript shine.

She lives on acreage on the outskirts of Brisbane with a gorgeous mountain view but secretly wishes it was the hillsides of Tuscany.

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