NEW cover re-releases for ZERO DAY EXPLOIT and A SECOND CHANCE AT PARIS by Cole McCade

I am happy to help reveal new covers for these awesome books!!!!


A second chance at Paris. A second chance at love.Sweet, lighthearted contemporary romance with the joie de vivre of Paris. Author Ion

Blackwell is captivated by astrophysicist Celeste London’s beauty and brains; a chance

meeting in Paris brings her into his life, little knowing he’s already met her in high school as punky geek girl Mary Haverford. Celeste has reasons for hiding her identity—but when Ion discovers the truth, will her deception stop them from  taking a second chance on love?


A Second Chance at Paris (Bayou's End, #1)

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Free side story in the Bayou’s End series.

Zero day exploit (noun): 1. An attack that penetrates a previously unknown

vulnerability in a computer or system. 2. The kind of infuriating, manipulative man who

gets under your skin and refuses to get out. And now, a one-night stand may turn out to

be the biggest mistake of Zoraya Blackwell’s career.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (Harry Potter, #4)

ZERO DAY EXPLOIT is now free on all retailers!

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Other Books by Cole McCade


The first book in the new Cole McCade: After Dark erotica line

On the day Leigh threw away her perfect life to disappear into the streets of Crow City, she gave up on love. She gave up on happiness. But her addiction to nothingness brings her to Gabriel Hart—the one man who can satisfy the desperate needs of her body and soul, who gives her the roughness she craves, who understands her the way no one else can. Yet she can’t escape her past, the predator stalking her memories…or the lonely ache for what she left behind, and the loss of the most precious thing in her life.



Ethan has never known how to love without hurting someone—or how to be loved without fear of pain. But Aurelie may be the one person who can understand his personal demons, and teach him how to let someone in.

Part of the IPPY Award-winning Winter Rain charity anthology benefiting

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (Harry Potter, #4)


COLE MCCADE IS A NEW ORLEANS-BORN SOUTHERN BOY without the Southern accent, currently residing somewhere in the metropolitan wilds of the American Midwest. He spends his days as a suit-and-tie corporate consultant and business writer, and his nights writing romance novels when he’s not being tackled by two hyperactive cats. And while he spends more time than is healthy hiding in his writing cave instead of hanging around social media, you can generally find him in these usual haunts:

Email: • Twitter: @ColeMcCade • Facebook: • Facebook Fan Page: • Website & Blog: • Tumblr:

He also runs an advice column called Dammit, Cole, where he occasionally answers questions about everything from romance and dating to the culture of hypermasculinity, from the perspective of a male romance author:

Looking for more? You can get early access to cover reveals, blurbs, contests, and other exclusives by joining the McCade’s Marauders street team at:

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