awesome post about my favorite band and my one of my favorite live shows ever

Gypsy Death And You.

Writing this on nearly no sleep means this will not make sense. There’s a good chance that this will read as some strange emotional outburst. I’d apologise, but I’m not sorry. I’ll save them for a time where I am actually sorry.

When you have loved a band for so long, finally seeing them live gives you this feeling that, at best, you cannot describe. But at worst is the most frustrating thing in the world. That’s the thing about Music, you can have these frustrating feelings that sooner or later- will get the better of you. Going to a gig, you can just let it all out. You can justify your tears because certain songs make you feel less alone. Certain songs you feel were written for you. Certain songs give you the courage to do something that terrifies you. Sometimes, you’ve just got to face your fears. Or…

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