Brilliant post on my favorite band

Beat In My Bones.


I wrote this about a week ago..maybe a bit longer? I lose track. Me and the concept of time just do not go together at all. I don’t own a watch. I just don’t like having to schedule stuff. Anyway, I wrote this little thing about Cam from Uh Huh Her. Except what I wanted to do was write about her as musician. Not as..well, anything but I guess. You know what happened? BAD SHIT HAPPENED. I was called various things and got some wonderfully shit messages from people who evidently took this the wrong way. You see, they failed to see that I was writing about a musician and just got mad possessive over an actress that USED to be in The L Word. Oh, and just so we’re clear- The L Word was a TV show. Shane was a fictional character, she doesn’t exist. You are not…

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