Sauerkraut Balls

These sound and look amazing. Thanks for sharing Sweet Pea’s Kitchen.

Sweet Pea's Kitchen

One of my favorite restaurants in my hometown of Columbus, Ohio is Schmidt’s Sausage Haus. Every time we make it back to Columbus Schmidt’s is always one place that we have to stop. They have been serving traditional German-American food since 1967, making it a landmark eatery in Central Ohio. When Andrew was attending medical school we lived in German Village and Schmidt’s was only a five-minute walk away. We would walk down there at least once a week and have dinner. During football season we would buy their bratwurst and a few of their appetizers and bring them tailgating. Everything on their menu is absolutely incredible, but one of my favorites is the sauerkraut balls. Football season just isn’t the same without having sauerkraut balls at our tailgate. This past college football season I went on a hunt to try to recreate those delicious sauerkraut balls in my own kitchen. These deep-fried, savory…

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