Song of the Day “Chicken Fried” Zac Brown Band

It seems its a country kind of weekend. I really like this song and heard it early this morning and it was a great start to a Sunday morning. So turn it up and enjoy.

“Chicken Fried”


You now I like my chicken fried

Cold beer on a friday night
A pair of jeens that fit just right
And the radio up
Well I’ve seen the sun rise
See the love in my woman’s eyes
Feel the touch of a precious child
And know a mother’s love

Well I was raised beneath the shade of a Geogia Pine
And that’s home you know
Sweet tea, pecan pie, and homemade wine where the peaches grow
And my house it’s not much to talk about
But it’s filled with love that’s grown in southern ground

And a little bit of chicken fried


Well its funny how it`s the little things in life that mean the most
Not where you live, the car you drive or the price tag on your clothes
There`s no dollar sign on a piece of mind
this I`ve come to know
So if you agree, have a drink with me
Raise you glasses for a toast

To a little bit of chicken fried


I thank god for my life
And for the stars and stripes
May freedom forever fly,
let it ring.
Salute the ones who died
The ones that give their lives so we don`t have to sacrifice
All the things we love

Like our chicken fried


You know I like my chicken fried


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