Top Chef All Stars

Ok I know there are a lot of Top Chef Blogs out there, but after reading Anthony Bourdain’s Blog at Bravo and Gail Simmons guest blog at I was inspired to start my own ode to this season.

So lets start with the contestants….

Ok So the image isn’t really that great, but this season there are more contestants than usual but since they have been on the show before Bravo is banking on the fact that you will remember them. Some do stand out as my favorites from the seasons I watched religiously (Season 3, 4, 5) and some I recognize from the earlier seasons but these new guys I really don’t know much. So if you are like me and are in need of a refresher, here you go. To learn more about the each contestant click on the link to see the bio at

Tiffani Faison, Season 1: San Francisco

Stephen Asprinio, Season 1: San Francisco

Marcel Vigneron, Season 2:Los Angeles

Elia Aboumrad, Season 2: Los Angeles

Tre Wilcox, Season 3: Miami

Casey Thompson, Season 3: Miami

Dale Levitski, Season 3: Miami

Spike Mendelsohn, Season 4: Chicago

Richard Blais, Season 4: Chicago

Dale Talde, Season 4: Chicago

Antonia Lofaso, Season 4: Chicago

Carla “Hootie” Hall, Season 5:New York

Fabio Viviani, Season 5:New York

Jamie Lauren, Season 5:New York

Jennifer Carroll, Season 6:Las Vegas

Michael Isabella, Season 6:Las Vegas

Angelo Sosa, Season 7:Washington, DC

Tiffany Derry, Season 7:Washington, DC

I have my favorites of course… My absolute favorite seasons were 3 and 4 with season 5 coming in a close third, but I love Casey, Dale and Richard with Jamie coming in a close third. I am hoping for a Casey win, but with the stiff competition it’s all up in the air. I can tell you who I want to go home ASAP : Stephan, Elia, Marcel, and these new people I don’t know.

I have some high hopes for this season based on the chefs that are taking part. One of the most interesting aspects for me this season is the fact that Anthony “No Reservations” Bourdain is a permanent judge instead of a rotating judge every week. I have loved Bourdain for years and his books have provided an amazing insight into the culinary world with a wit and biting sarcasm that only a true cynic and total foodie could provide. He is also the inspiration for one of my favorite forgotten shows, Kitchen Confidential. Bourdain is joined by Gail Simmons, Tom Colicchio, and Padma Lakshmi.

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